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Welcome to the Mellow Denshoukan??August 15, 2007
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The Mellow Denshoukan, the digital archives of the personal historical experiences of those who lived through the 20th century, particularly of the Second World War, together with objects relating to that period, was launched in March 2004 as a Japanese website by the Mellow Club. The site aims at handing down to posterity vast and important knowledge and wisdom obtained by the previous generations as well as the real-life experiences of the present elderly people who have lived through stormy ages.

You can read the contributions of the site without your registration nor login processes. All the contributions can be read by selecting " Forum(Database) " in the left Main Menu. You are required to register and login when you contribute some article to the site.

The project has a long-term vision of developing and enriching the contents that will be passed down from generation to generation. Currently, the site is focusing on collecting records of personal experiences before and after the end of the Second World War ( August 15, 1945 ). This is because the people of Japan and also of many other countries are greatly interested in what really happened in WW II, still now after more than 60 years have passed.

The site policy is to contribute personal real experiences or true stories told by those who had real experiences, to write stories as faithful to facts as possible and to try to make the story easy to read and understand for posterity in the future.

The website consists of personal records to each of which are threaded (attached) comments subsequently contributed by other people as well as any replies by the original contributor. This results in a growing ensemble of information that increases the knowledge about the original posted contribution. Elderly people, many of them are now over 80 years of age (mainly in Japan though some by Koreans) have made those contributions.

The site has a powerful database server working in the background that enables users to easily find information of interest to them that may have been contributed to the site. Users simply input relevant keywords into the search window.

Here, we present, in English, only a small selection (about 10 percent) of the contributions in the mother Japanese site. This sampling of important historical Japanese information is thereby made available to people from many different English-speaking countries. The English sample is ever increasing based on the translation work of the site.

More details of the site can be obtained in the " About the Site" in the Main Menu on the left. One can also find an illustrated explanation of the site by selecting " Illustrated Explanation". Lastly, the ensemble of contributions themselves can be read by selecting " Forum(Database)" in the Main Menu.

We hope you enjoy our site !

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